Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Healer Within. (Poem)

 The anguish, the fury, 

that I ever sustained,

the child in me;

that had never complained.

The wounds of the soul,

that my little heart carried,

which could've been easily revealed,

but I chose to have them buried.

The adult in me was driven;

by ravenous ambitions,

and little did I know,

that it's a perfect recipe for frustration.

I started looking for peace,

I traveled far and wide,

some Saint, Guru or Mahatma,

who could show me the clear light.

As I sat, in the silence of my room one day,

unhappy, frustrated and confused;

there entered some filtered sun rays,

and magically my anger defused.

The silence had brought me

the answers loud,

the ones which I was

looking in the crowd.

My deepest fears were addressed,

and my soul was set free.

I learned to forgive myself and others;

as for healing, that was the key.

My spirit is elevated now,

to let my journey begin;

I am not afraid of old scars or wounds,

as I have my healer within.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How To Drink Water The Right Way.

We all know the benefits of drinking water. But do you know, that the ways we drink water also impacts our health? so, here are some ways we can quickly glance through and become a little more mindful in the ways we consume water.

1) Drink Warm Water : It is suggested that we should never drink water which is quite contrast to our own existing body temperature. Avoid drinking icy cold water when feeling too hot, as it may result into sending wrong signals to your brain which may act upon defending your body from hypothermia, resulting into losing consciousness. Besides, there are several benefits of drinking warm water like it helps in digestion, constipation and weight loss. Hence, think twice before you grab that glass of icy water.

2) Sit and Drink: We should always try not to drink water while standing as it reaches our system way faster thereby posing a threat to our lungs and heart. Also, drinking water while standing can also lead to Arthritis in the long run. It messes up with our digestion and impacts the kidney leading to urinary tract issues.

3) Take Sips : Never gulp a glass or a bottle of water in one go. Always sit down and drink in sips. It puts an adverse impact upon our brain cells.

4) Drinking Water While Eating : This has been a topic of debate from quite sometime, however in her article by Kaitlyn Yarborough, sipping water a few times during the meals should not be life threatening, especially if you are looking for some weight loss. However drinking too much water while eating can mess up with our digestion.

5) Drink Water First Thing in The Morning: Since our body was left dehydrated for a very long time while we were sleeping, it is always suggested to drink water right after you wake up in the morning. 

Water tops the list of health experts and fitness coaches, therefore never undermine the importance of drinking plenty of water during the day. However, drinking water the right way would only add to it's many benefits.

Stay Hydrated! Stay Healthy. 

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Don't hide your emotions.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Change is inevitable.

Before I take the plunge and start blabbering endlessly about this topic, let me tell you that I would try not to sound very preachy this time. I can't promise, but I'll try :) It Thanks for your patience. 

This article is written on account of my recent visit to my native country during the summer break. Needless to say, where I splurged on my favorite local cuisines and had a gala time with my long lost family and friends. However In the middle of all this, I came across a self realization experience, which I wouldn't be addressing discretely but as a general observation.

I visited my homeland after two years. For the records, I was born on the east side of the globe, while I now live in a western country. People at my place, given their exposure to "Bollywood" movies or probably due to their encounters with those smarty pants who suffer from a typical "NRI Syndrome" were expecting me to behave like one who talks in a foreign accent and throws tantrums, belittling their country by constantly complaining about the dirty roads, traffic, food, water, crowd etc. But guess what? I disappointed them, as I provided them with zero entertainment by gladly accepting back everything it had to offer during this trip.

So, as a result, I was labeled as "humble" and a "grounded person", while some of them also felt that I haven't changed, which obviously I took as a complement. But, having said that, something which left me contemplating was, have I actually not changed? as I racked my brain up for a few days, I came to the conclusion, that maybe I haven't changed in terms of my core values, but a lot in me still has changed. 

So, that's why I would like to add my 2 cents on the concept of change. As we all know that "Change is the only constant" and is the "Law of life". We as humans are bound to change with time, whether we like it or not. Change can be broadly classified as Developmental, Transitional and Transformational. At personal level, change happens way too slower and gradual, than outside.

Therefore in my case too, change would have happened, irrespective of me crossing geographical boundaries. Rather getting exposed to new cultures, places and people adds a momentum to change as it broadens people's outlook. In my case, change occurred more on a personal level. As I developed a sense of self worth, I started valuing myself as much as I value others. I learned how to reclaim my mental peace by not concerning myself with those who try to mess up with it. I changed spiritually.

Change can be drastic, or it may approach us leisurely, it can be seamless or may bring upheavals. But, by being ready to welcome it, we can save ourselves from a lot of heart ache. Embrace it, because if we refuse to change, we stagnate and stop growing. Change will happen whether we want it or not, it can be tangible or intangible, but trust me, it's inevitable.

Balance (A Spiritual Poem)