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Happy is as Happy Does - Basics to a Happy Life

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln

More often than not, we are dissatisfied with things around us, it can possibly be our demanding job, or a bad to the bone boss, or an envious colleague, or those unpredictable relatives, nosy neighbor, moody spouse, or if nothing else, our beloved "tantrum kids" or sometimes, it's just plain "Life" that happened to us. But, with that said, have you ever come across people who tell you that they are unhappy because of who they are? Seldom right! well, that's where the problem lies, as most of us have mastered this subtle art of holding others responsible for our happiness or unhappiness.

Damn you Life! It's my way or the highway! some of us think it works, some of us believe that we can alter every situation, life puts us through. But, we totally forget that sometimes, life already has a plan for us, it is that we have to look through and give it a chance to unfold and see what …

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