Hi! Welcome to The eXpression Space, I am Deepti, you can also call me "Hope", I live in  US and I am originally from India.  Let me first share my credentials, so that you may know me better. I am an Economics graduate and a post graduate in Human Resource Management, after working as a Hiring consultant for a few years, I realized that this is not my true calling and eventually I turned to writing, therefore, a Human Resource Professional turned into a Blogger and Writer.  I acquired the name "Hope S Brown" solely for the writing purposes as it is not just easier to pronounce but is also relevant to my original name as in Hindi "Deepti" means "light", the last ray of Hope. India is the land of Buddha and Gandhi, and having born in the spiritual capital of this country had my natural inclination towards spirituality and self awareness, that in due course led me to find my true calling and purpose in life, which is to light up people's lives through my blogs and writings. 

In short, I am a tiny human trying to positively impact this mighty world. "The eXpression Space" is primarily a Lifestyle blog, which aims to help people reconnect with their inner self, and get inspired to live a more meaningful and a happy life. The multi dimensional categories of this blog is designed in a way that they all cater to the needs of various micro aspects of our life, eventually connecting us with the "Whole" i.e our "Soul". Eating, sleeping, exercising, travelling, dancing, listening to music, reading books or doing anything that makes us happy for that matter, would at last help us connect with our soul. Hence taking care of all these micro aspects of our life is very important, perhaps that is the true meaning of holistic living.

As the world around us needs love, compassion, acceptance and tolerance much more than ever before, only truly enlightened souls can understand the pain of others and thus, this blog aims to help you connect with your inner self so that we are not just good enough for ourselves, but also for the world around us. Take a break from the stress and monotony of life and rediscover yourself, slow down and breathe. 

"May the Supreme power be our guiding light, and help us achieve love, peace and wisdom and lead us to a happy and a holistic life".

The light within me bows to the light within you. Namaste!   

Love,Hope - Dee


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