Sunday, December 2, 2018


Hi There!

Welcome to The Expression Space.

I am Deepti, from Massachusetts, USA. I worked as a Hiring consultant for a few years, but, then I realized that my true calling lies in something which is creatively fulfilling yet purpose oriented. And, I eventually figured out that I can bring that heartening experience in people's lives through from writings, so Voila! The Expression Space came into being. 

The Expression Space aims at helping people live a more meaningful and a happy life. The multi dimensional categories of this blog deals with Health & wellness, self care, self-esteem, motivation, personal development, mindfulness and physical fitness. In short,to live an enriching life.

As the world around us needs love, compassion, acceptance and tolerance much more than ever before, only truly enlightened souls can understand the pain of others and thus, this blog aims at helping us rediscover and reconnect with our inner selves, so that we are not just good enough for ourselves, but also for the world around us. 

"May the Supreme power be our guiding light, and help us achieve love, peace and wisdom and lead us to a happy and a holistic life".

The light within me bows to the light within you. Namaste!   

Deepti - Hope


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