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Food For Thought!

Makhana or Fox Nuts or Lotus Seeds

I've always been a foodie, and a great advocate of "Eating to your heart's content". Because to me food is not just a source of energy that provides the basic nutrients to sustain, rather it plays a vital role in keeping one of the "Micro" aspect of life satiated. Right kind of food creates a considerable impact upon our over all health and well being, consequently keeping our "Whole" (Soul) happy. If you've read my "About" page, you would probably know what I am talking about.  
Today I am going to talk about an important nutritional snack "Makhana or Fox nuts or Lotus seeds". Makhana is one of the most underrated health snack of all time. We can also consider it to be the Asian version of PopCorn! as they are mostly cultivated in India, China and Japan. Makhana or Lotus seeds are obtained from the water lilies, and these seeds are packed with nutrients. Makhana is a popular name in the Indian household, and they are often consumed during the period of fasting. They are easily available on any Indian or Asian grocery stores, however you can always get them online.

        Makhana being consumed with Milk, Apples and Chia seeds

Some of the health benefits of Makhana or fox nuts:

1) It is perfect for weight loss, as it can be consumed as in between meal snack, with very low calorie.

2) Good for people with high blood pressure, as it’s low on sodium and high on magnesium and potassium.

3) Rich in antioxidants

4) High source of fiber

5) Low on sugar

Best ways to consume:

1) Dry roast Makhana in a tablespoon of ghee (clarified butter) or oil and sprinkle with some salt and pepper.

2) Can be consumed as porridge or as a breakfast cereal topped with nuts and berries.

Makhana is very neutral in taste and doesn't take much time to cook, hence can always be added to the recipes of your choice.

My favourite style of consuming Makhana is like a breakfast cereal as shown in the picture above, it is a healthy snack to munch upon, therefore can be consumed as a mid day snack as well. I hope, this article must have given some insight upon this fabulously healthy snack, and now when you come across a pack of Makhana or Fox nuts or Lotus seeds in a store, don't forget to grab one for yourself. 

Eat healthy! Stay healthy! Live Happy!



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