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"Parool","Aye Parool" banging on our old styled Iron entrance gate was a voice coming from a distance. "Paro, please leave everything and answer your mother, she is such a crackpot!", said my mother annoyingly. Paro was evidently upset, she tossed the broom which she held in her hand and quickly ran to respond to her mother's call. First she grumbled, then shouted from our balcony in Bangla (Language spoken in Bangladesh and India) "Ki Holo"(what happened). Me and my younger sister, ran behind her to catch a glimpse of her mother. This was a trend, as her mother's shabby and weird looks always amused us and we often thought of her to be practicing black magic.

One summer afternoon, when my mother was applying hair oil onto my long thick hair, a girl somewhere in her mid teens, appeared in front of us. She was wearing a sari, wrapped in Bengali style, it was too filthy to distinguish its actual color but looked more towards muddy white w…