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Hi, Y'all!
So Good To See You,
Welcome To The Expression Space!
I am Deepti, a Writer, Blogger and Poetess.
I intended to bring a positive impact on people's lives through my life experiences that I gathered by reading, traveling and attaining wisdom by meditating and meeting variety of people. I decided to write self-care articles, motivational quotes, poetries, etc, and that's how The Expression Space came into being.
This blog aims at helping us rediscover, reconnect with our inner selves, and furthering an enriched life, so that, we are not just good enough for ourselves, but also for the world in which we live.
The Expression Space intends to build a community of writers, thinkers, game changers, trendsetters, odd-balls, healers, storytellers, peacemakers, restorers and lovers of all kinds. So, if you belong to any of the following categories, feel free to reach me out and let's collaborate.
The light within me bows to the light within you.
Deepti-Hope (Nom-de-plu…