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You are a miracle!


Food For Thought

Food For Thought!Makhana or Fox Nuts or Lotus SeedsI've always been a foodie, and a great advocate of "Eating to your heart's content". Because to me food is not just a source of energy that provides the basic nutrients to sustain, rather it plays a vital role in keeping one of the "Micro" aspect of life satiated. Right kind of food creates a considerable impact upon our over all health and well being, consequently keeping our "Whole" (Soul) happy. If you've read my "About" page, you would probably know what I am talking about.   Today I am going to talk about an important nutritional snack "Makhana or Fox nuts or Lotus seeds". Makhana is one of the most underrated health snack of all time. We can also consider it to be the Asian version of PopCorn! as they are mostly cultivated in India, China and Japan. Makhana or Lotus seeds are obtained from the water lilies, and these seeds are packed with nutrients. Makhana is a popula…