Listen! everyone wants to be heard. (Poem)

You chirped in my ears, the way you wanted;
I gave it all my attention, or might've thought, that it was fun.
But you blabbered and babbled throughout the meeting,
so I assumed, that's how it had to begun.

The following day you mentioned again;
of nothing else, but about yourself.
so I listened again tenderly;
dreaming of the likelihood, to reveal myself.

I thought, you must've been through a lot;
so let me not judge you for a while.
But, don't you think my dear pal;
that I also need a friend to confide.

You judge me without listening to my story;
you see my happy face and publicize.
As if I am one lucky person;
and don't know what sorrow looks like.

But would you stop for a minute;
and let my story unfold.
You never was ready to hear me out;
and that is why I never told.

We all have tales of our bravery to leak;
No matter, how much it may sound absurd.
So, let's give each other a chance to speak;
and just listen, as everyone wants to be heard.


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