5 Essentials To Start Your Body Transformation.

We all talk about various new workouts and diet programs which have taken over the internet and the market during the last few years. However if you actually see, our body transformation starts with a very basic routine. As they say, fitness is all about habit and consistency. Therefore this post aims at scaling the heights of fitness, through the essentials we need to have at the time when we begin our fitness journey.

5 Essentials to Start Your Body Transformation:


1) Water : The first and the most important element that plays a vital role in our body to remain healthy and fit is Water. Therefore, the moment we make up our mind for a body transformation or to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we must consider our daily water intake. Although the water intake does vary from body to body, but having at least 8 glasses of water a day is important to keep our body hydrated and running.

Warm Water with Lemon Juice and Honey

2) Warm Water with Lemon and Honey: The second best thing we can adopt is to kick start our morning with a glass of Luke warm water with lemon juice (optional lemon zest) with a tea spoon of honey. This acts as a detoxifying agent and helps in burning fat faster, not just that, drinking lemon water with honey has many other health benefits, like its a rich source of Vitamin C, helps build the immune system stronger, and it's anti bacterial properties help fights many infections.


3) Walk : The next best thing we can introduce into our lifestyle before we start taking up those high intensity workouts is walking. A 30 minute walk everyday increases our chances of reaching our fitness goals faster, with an increased metabolism.

4) Exercise: Okay! so you have finally made up your mind to grind yourself and get a better and newer looking you, then adding a 30 minute exercise would be a good start. If you have never done any workouts before, it's best to start with a low impact exercise like stretching and Yoga. Also, Cardio workouts like Jogging or Zumba will help, slowly paving your way through strength and weight training.


5) Food : So we have covered water and workouts, but this post cannot be complete without the mention of a very essential element which can act as deal breaker. Yes, it's what and how we eat. Just remember, as a beginner don't try to jump onto the bandwagon of various fancy diet programs, instead hold your horses and begin with eating a relatively healthy meal in small portions and in regular intervals, therefore eating in moderation is the key. You can totally enjoy that piece of cake or a slice of pizza, just have it a little smaller or lesser than usual and resist the temptation for that second serving. 

Hope this post turned out to be useful, if you're still thinking from where to kick start your transformation. I would love to hear about how did you start with your workout or body transformation routine, therefore don't forget to share or leave your comment below.


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