5 Ways Music Helps In Building A Better Life.

A good music can totally set your mood for that evening you want to spend with your partner or the party you are throwing for your friends. It sometimes bring in nostalgia while at other times, it peps up your mood when you are feeling low. Music from ages have been considered as an important Art form. But do you know? that more and more studies and researches are now showing that music is much more than just a form of art. Various genres of music is impacting people's lives in different ways. Rather, music in today's world has started playing a pivotal role in contributing to people's overall happiness. Therefore, in this article we would try to analyse and find out the importance of music in terms of leading a happy and an enriching life.

1) Stress Relief : It is now scientifically proven that music is not just about entertainment, but can play a key role in healing from pain, calm anxiety and relaxing nerves. In an article published by Harvard medical school about "How Music Can Help You Heal" , music has been considered as a therapy, also leading to a booming profession for certified "Music Therapists".

2) Creativity and Expression: Studies show that music helps in engaging creative abilities. It therefore increases the enhanced expressive abilities as well. Several researches have proved already, that listening to happy music helps in expansion of overall divergent thinking.

3) Boosts Memory and Mathematics: Now does this excites you? well, studies have shown that classical music stimulates the brain and thereby enhancing the memory. While on the other hand, learning musical instruments have been said to help elevate the spatial-temporal reasoning, leading to better Maths and Science performance.

4) Health Effects : Music has been proven to be beneficial for athletes, runners, bikers or any fitness enthusiast for that matter, as it increases workout endurance, helps in eating comparatively lesser, get better sleep and overall workout recovery.

5) Overall Happiness: Catchy and upbeat music stimulates the brain and also helps in reducing blood pressure under stressful situations perhaps when dealing with anxiety, thereby bringing overall calmness under nerve racking times.

Although listening to music all day long may have an adverse impact as well, but it has been  scientifically proven now that music is not just a source of entertainment or recreation but has a healthy and positive impact upon our body. Hence, now you know how to deal with that anxiety, when you are under pressure next time.

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