Downplay your Success : Is It Okay to Share Your Success Story on Social Media?

Considering that we live in the age of information technology or to be more precise the age of social media, we are only a few posts and hashtags away from getting any kind of desired attention. However, sometimes while we are busy gathering accolades, it can be pretty easy to be seen as a braggart or may arouse unwanted jealousy among st people. So how far is it okay to share our success story with the world via social media posts? or should we choose to downplay our success instead? 

To understand this further, let's see if there is a more meaningful explanation behind the act of sharing our stories on social media. Well, researchers have found several psychological reasons behind people sharing their success stories, some of which can be broadly classified as under :

Motivation: According to one of the articles by Grant Cowell, "What motivates us to share videos? The psychology behind social video", it indicates that motivation is one of the major driving factors behind people sharing videos on social media. The same applies to the success stories too, it triggers happiness and a sense of pride in the people who share it, motivating them even further to accomplish their goals. Therefore, happiness is the main driver for social media sharing.

Accountability: It is now proven that making our goals public increases our chance of achieving them by 65 per cent. In fact, many studies have found that sharing our progress periodically with the outside world, makes us even more likely to accomplish our goals. Therefore, sharing those big or small victories holds a person more committed and accountable.  

Self Esteem: So you shared your goals publicly and you finally got there, it's time to reap the rewards. A little bit of victory dance should do no harm. Besides, if handled with sophistication, social media can become a witness for your glorious journey from rags to riches. 😉

How To Play it Right

We all love inspiring stories, and social media can become a powerful tool in sharing our own success stories publicly. However, while posting, it's important to keep certain things in mind, so that we do not invite the green eyed monsters :

1) Don't overdo it : Never go overboard with your posts and captions. Keep it light, relatable and simple. Remember being a tad bit humble would go a long way.

2) Show and Tell : You must've noticed that often those weight loss stories that catches everyone's attention, is where the person is seen going to the gym every day or has been sticking to a diet for a long time, in short, share a bit of your struggles with your audience. Let them see your sweat and blood in the making (not literally). Help them relate to your story by giving them a sneak peak into your progressive transformation.

3) Don't be afraid to acknowledge your failure : We are life long learners, and success is not a one stop shop. Success is a long term continuous process. We stumble, gather ourselves up and get back in the game. Your comeback story is even more inspiring.

4) Aim for gaining respect more than popularity : Respect goes a long way than popularity. Therefore, your post should aim at gaining the former, try to attract true well wishers than minions.

Success is subjective, and we all have our own definition attached to it. Let us keep in mind that people do not always post their success stories to evoke jealous in others. Rather, if handled with a little bit of maturity and a sliver of humility, it can go a long way to inspire people for generations. So, a little shout out to yourself is never bad, we don't necessarily have to be a humble saint all the time, but make sure that we also do not appear to be an egomaniac.


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