How To Master Resilience - The Ultimate Art Of Living.

Life, is never a smooth sail for anyone. However, some of us have to deal with a lot more than the rest. It can be a traumatic childhood, poverty, an accident or injury, domestic violence or perhaps any kind of bitter experience we may have to face when life throws us a curve-ball. Moreover, how we face these challenges are the best ways to test our ability to either succumb or surmount. It is our mental immunity and emotional resilience which actually get us through these tough phases and help us make a dignified comeback. 

Emotional Resilience simply means our ability to acknowledge a stressful situation, cope up and steadily recover from it. 

In short, It is our ability to bounce back after a setback.

It is generally understood that resilience is an inner trait and most of us are born with it. However, the good news is, that this trait can also be developed over a period of time with practice. It just needs our ability to see the bigger picture. To understand it further, let us break it down to the following points.


1. Identify your Goal or Purpose in Life :Small setbacks cannot hold us back for too long if we have a bigger objective on mind. We know, that a little turnaround can be a small price to pay to achieve those dreams. Understanding this fact itself resolves half of the issue, wanting us to bounce back quickly and grab hold of the situation.

2. Become More Mentally Immune : Mental Immunity has a direct relationship with emotional resilience. Brianna Wiest in her article for Forbes describes "Mental immunity is not resisting negative thoughts, it is observing them without believing they represent reality". It is our ability to acknowledge the pain and believing that it's  just a phase which would eventually end, making us mentally immune and emotionally resilient.

3. Practice Independent Thinking : Sometimes due to their past experience, emotionally resilient people trust their instincts the most and turn into an independent thinker. They also reflect good leadership traits by not being afraid of taking moderate risks and also taking responsibility for their actions. Independent thinking as a trait can be developed by thinking out of the box, going beyond conventional methods, and challenging our comfort zone, which is precisely our next point. :)

4. Challenge Your Comfort Zone : Embracing change is one of the most important technique of becoming emotionally resilient. In a group of people, an emotionally resilient person would possibly be the one who was challenged out of his/her comfort zone the maximum time. They would've rather experienced change so many times that in due course they became immune to it. Therefore, don't be afraid of change, as it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

5. Practice Meditation : Spirituality has always been connected with resilience, and spiritual meditation helps us achieve a much clearer view of ourselves. It helps us let go of the past and settle in peace with the present. By being less controlling, we become more accepting and reach higher level of consciousness, thereby making sense out of everything that is happening to us.

6. Keep Learning and Transforming : Another important way of mastering resilience is to be a learner for life. Stagnation can be our worst enemy and hence, learning new skills may help us evolve into a better version of ourselves. Going through this learning and transforming process numerous times also improves our cognitive ability.

7. Positive Outlook: Believing in oneself is again an art which can be achieved through practice. Once we start believing in everything we are, we have, and we can do, we push a positive button in our brain which as a result helps us feel stronger and more in control of a situation.

8. Practice Self Care : Self care in the form of  exercise, mindfulness, reading good books, spa, listening music or perhaps doing anything which gives you a break from your everyday battle will help.

9. Keep The Company Of Successful and Positive People : Positive, Successful and Empowered people are often the ones who have emerged out of tough situations and thus are inspiring.These people can show and tell the art of resilience by their own examples. On the contrary, toxic people will always remind us of our shortcomings, thereby, never letting us realize our true potential.

10. Practice Gratitude : Never undermine the power of prayers. Having faith goes a long way, and hence, when dealing with tough times or otherwise, make sure you pray for guidance and be grateful for what you already have. This provides inner strength and belief, that in the end; everything will be just fine.

Resilience is a power, which when unleashed can become our biggest armor to deal with adversities. Once we discover that power, life becomes way easier than we think it is. Come what may, we shall be ready if we are resilient, and that is why it is called "The Ultimate Art of Living".  


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