The Healer Within. (Poem)

 The anguish, the fury, 

that I ever sustained,

the child in me;

that had never complained.

The wounds of the soul,

that my little heart carried,

which could've been easily revealed,

but I chose to have them buried.

The adult in me was driven;

by ravenous ambitions,

and little did I know,

that it's a perfect recipe for frustration.

I started looking for peace,

I traveled far and wide,

some Saint, Guru or Mahatma,

who could show me the clear light.

As I sat, in the silence of my room one day,

unhappy, frustrated and confused;

there entered some filtered sun rays,

and magically my anger defused.

The silence had brought me

the answers loud,

the ones which I was

looking in the crowd.

My deepest fears were addressed,

and my soul was set free.

I learned to forgive myself and others;

as for healing, that was the key.

My spirit is elevated now,

to let my journey begin;

I am not afraid of old scars or wounds,

as I have my healer within.


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