Endurance (A Poem)

They endured the pain before being seen
as blissful and recovered.
prompting us of the famous proverb
Don't judge a book by its cover.

We often see their happy days, then
get tempted to judge such a happy face
but haven't we misconstrued this, maybe,
they don't want to be defined by their struggles.

They gathered themselves up each time, 
to rediscover the strength of their spine;
prompting that, it's just a phase, 
so let's hang in tight.

Endurance will show it's magic then;
just when you are about to give up,
being spent up by the emotional heft,
either all set to burn down or blow up.

The dark days may retreat beware, as
the clouds are still hiding some rain;
but, they have learned their lesson well,
and hence, will never give up again.


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