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Home Workouts : How I started my Fitness Journey! (The Slow and Easy Way)

Hey Guys! So before I start blabbering about my fitness journey, you have all the rights to know about me and why do I need to talk about Fitness. Well, I am a 37 year old Mom of a 10 year old princess, and I am barely 5 ft. short, a tiny human. Big Deal!! so why do you have to hang around? well, to know the fact that I was a premature born, underweight child to my parents and had never in my life had I thought of adding physical fitness into my lifestyle, as physical activities and me were poles apart. Unlike the regular weight loss stories, mine is slightly different, because I never was overweight at the first place, so what made me jump onto the fitness wagon?

My rendezvous with fitness happened around 7 years ago, when after drowning myself into my tireless computer based job of the IT Industry, I started complaining about my knee joints, yes, they started acting up for no reason when I would walk or climb stairs. A friend of mine who was apparently a runner, explained t…

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