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Semolina (Durum Wheat) Fish Fry!

Much like Elizabeth Gilbert, who passionately talks about her love for food during her stay in one of the three countries that she traveled, in her book, "EAT PRAY LOVE", my love for food is ineffable. For me, "you haven't lived well, if you haven't eaten well", and therefore strangely, food holds a spiritual connection for me with my body and my spirit. Am I getting emotional here for food?  
Coming to the point, I discovered this recipe in India, largely know as Fish Rava Fry! prepared in the regions of Konkan, Goa and South India. With the delicateness of Mackerel, Pompret or King fish and the crispness of  Rava (Semolina) well marinated with the Indian spices and shallow or deep fried, this dish in every aspect holds a chance to be a sea food lover's favorite. 
Semolina, is our good old Durum Wheat, also known as pasta or macaroni wheat, and, the good news is, that this recipe barely takes any time to cook. So, let's start with my variation of Sem…