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Sikkim Trip - An Untold Adventure (Travel Memoir)

And who had thought about that a family vacation would turn into an adventure trip.The driver looked up over his right shoulder and reversed the tires cautiously,  there were two cars ahead of us and the rest of the hairpin turn was packed with in numerous tourist vehicles, at least ten to twelve behind us, bummer to bummer and no way to get out except if you have a change of mind and plan to commit suicide by jumping out of your vehicle  towards the steep incline, falling into the endless valley to your left. We were stuck in this freakish traffic jam on one of the deadliest roads in the Himalayan range and it was literally, a death trap.

Three weeks from now, sitting in an upscale restaurant in Pune (India), my husband and his friend cheerfully planned this trip after having two glasses of beer, they are childhood buddies and both are equally enthusiastic about traveling, both of our families had traveled extensively within the country except for the North Eastern States of India, …