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Five Must Reads to restore your Self Confidence and Self Belief.

You might have heard a lot about motivational readings and self improvement books. Some of you must have probably read a few as well. But if you're not certain about some distinguished readings, since these days they are in abundance and you can actually get confused as from where to start your path to greatness? here are some recommendations for the masterpieces, that have set the benchmark in the world of motivational and self help books.

Five Books to restore your self confidence and self belief :

1) How to Develop Self Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie :
Dale Carnegie was a famous American Writer, Lecturer and developer of famous courses in Self Improvement, salesmanship, Corporate Training, Interpersonal Skills and Public Speaking. Although this book sounds pretty much relevant to the management professionals or Public Speakers, but it will turn out to be useful in every walk of life. From meeting strangers, to making new friends, in a profess…