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5 Essentials To Start Your Body Transformation.

We all talk about various new workouts and diet programs which have taken over the internet and the market during the last few years. However if you actually see, our body transformation starts with a very basic routine. As they say, fitness is all about habit and consistency. Therefore this post aims at scaling the heights of fitness, through the essentials we need to have at the time when we begin our fitness journey.

5 Essentials to Start Your Body Transformation:

1) Water : The first and the most important element that plays a vital role in our body to remain healthy and fit is Water. Therefore, the moment we make up our mind for a body transformation or to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we must consider our daily water intake. Although the water intake does vary from body to body, but having at least 8 glasses of water a day is important to keep our body hydrated and running.

3) Walk :The next best thing we can introduce into our lifestyle before we start taking up those high intens…