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5 Day Meditation Challenge for Beginners.

I was introduced to meditation in my Yoga classes, and the more I realized it's benefits, the more I was inclined to bring it to my everyday practice. However, for a restless person like me, it was hard to sit in a certain posture for a considerable amount of time, which perhaps is the prerequisite of meditation. Therefore, after exploring and reading more about the science of meditation, I felt that I can begin with customizing it to my own mind and body needs, and can gradually pick up the pace. Therefore, I wanted to share my own little wisdom of how I started with my 5 Day Meditation Challenge which gave way to a slow yet progressive kickstart to my everyday meditation practice.

5 Easy Sittings for 5-7 Minutes for 5 Days.

Day 1 - Begin
Find a quiet space in your house and sit comfortably preferably cross-legged position, but if not sit on a comfortable chair or a couch, with the soles of your feet touching the ground and hands on your lap.Now, slowly close your eyes.Relax your sh…