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Self-Discipline: 5 Reasons Why Self-Discipline Entitles You For A Great Life.

I'm fortunate to have parents who taught me self- discipline from an early age, which not only helped me learn to take responsibility for my actions but also face life's challenges head-on. In fact, self-discipline is one such trait which is commonly found amongst world leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes, soldiers, or perhaps successful people from all walks of life. Let's face it this way,  we may have a vision, a plan or a course of action to achieve our goal, but what if we don't stick to that plan, or perhaps don't feel motivated anymore, to avoid situations like this one needs to be self-disciplined.  Yes, it all starts here, out of all the other important elements required to lead a successful and happy life, "Self-Discipline" is the mother of all. According to Merriam-Webster, Self-Discipline is, "A Correction or Regulation of oneself for the sake of Improvement", which in simple words mean self-control. To understand this better, let…