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Change is inevitable.

Before I take the plunge and start blabbering endlessly about this topic, let me tell you that I would try not to sound very preachy this time. I can't promise, but I'll try :) Thanks for your patience. 
This article is written on account of my recent visit to my native country during the summer break. Needless to say, where I splurged on my favorite local cuisines and had a gala time with my long lost family and friends. However In the middle of all this, I came across a self realization experience, which I wouldn't be addressing discretely but as a general observation.
I visited my homeland after two years. For the records, I was born on the east side of the globe, while I now live in a western country. People at my place, given their exposure to "Bollywood" movies or probably due to their encounters with those smarty pants who suffer from a typical "NRI Syndrome" were expecting me to behave like one who talks in a foreign accent and throws tantrums,…