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How To Master Resilience - The Ultimate Art Of Living.

Life, is never a smooth sail for anyone. However, some of us have to deal with a lot more than the rest. It can be a traumatic childhood, poverty, an accident or injury, domestic violence or perhaps any kind of bitter experience we may have to face when life throws us a curve-ball. Moreover, how we face these challenges are the best ways to test our ability to either succumb or surmount. It is our mental immunity and emotional resilience which actually get us through these tough phases and help us make a dignified comeback. 
Emotional Resilience simply means our ability to acknowledge a stressful situation, cope up and steadily recover from it. 
In short, It is our ability to bounce back after a setback.
It is generally understood that resilience is an inner trait and most of us are born with it. However, the good news is, that this trait can also be developed over a period of time with practice. It just needs our ability to see the bigger picture. To understand it further, let us break …