The Metamorphosis

Just when she thought she was dead,

Being knocked down by life on the floor,

Everything came to a standstill,

For she was left unconscious and cold.

The space looks empty now;

Void with depleted energy.

If I’ve been ghosted by love, 

Then why sensing perfect synergy?

“Stay here for a moment please”,

 Said the inner voice;

“A reboot is needed, darling,

And that is not a choice".

Your destiny has chosen, the wings of fire,

Reincarnated from your suppressed feelings,

And those deepest, strongest desires.

You’re prophesied to fly alone,

Once you slip out of your cocoon;

Upholding your self-worth again,

Your flight is coming real soon.

Let you be the source of inspiration,

To chase the darkness away; 

To transform your power of illumination,

The Metamorphosis was the only way. 


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