The Metamorphosis

Just when she thought she was dead,

Being knocked down by life on the floor,

Everything came to a standstill,

For she was left unconscious and cold.

The space looks empty now;

Void with depleted energy.

If I’ve been ghosted by love, 

Then why sensing perfect synergy?

“Stay here for a moment please”,

 Said the inner voice;

“A reboot is needed, darling,

And that is not a choice".

Your destiny has chosen, the wings of fire,

Reincarnated from your suppressed feelings,

And those deepest, strongest desires.

You’re prophesied to fly alone,

Once you slip out of your cocoon;

Upholding your self-worth again,

Your flight is coming real soon.

Let you be the source of inspiration,

To chase the darkness away; 

To transform your power of illumination,

The Metamorphosis was the only way. 


  1. Hi! amazingly curated and webbed wonderfully into fine words. Very well presented. loved it. Keep up the good work. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, truly appreciate it. Thank-you!


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