5 Best Uses Of The Internet To Deal With Stress, Besides Binge Watching Netflix During Isolation

When the government declared a lockdown, the first thing that popped into my head, besides being petrified was, to couch slouch. Of course, the entire package includes binge-watching all the remaining Netflix series I didn't get the time to watch earlier. I mean, no kidding, the internet has practically been a lifesaver during these odd times.  

The initial few days were sublime and felt more like a blessing in disguise until I gave in to the habit of zoning out, along with spending the rest of my days in perpetual lethargy.

Too Bad! I know, and that's when I decided to make better use of the days and the technology at hand: 

1) E-BOOKS/AUDIOBOOKS: With all the neighborhood libraries and book stores closed, one is left with very limited options. However, I explored some fascinating websites, which provide plenty of reading options. Open Library, Free eBooks, Feedbooks, etc. are to name a few. Run a quick GOOGLE search and you won't be disappointed. Moreover, If you feel like giving some rest to your eyes from constantly staring at the screen, there's a good collection of free audiobooks on Librivox, Lit2Go and Podiobooks.

2) FITNESS CLASSES AND E-MEDITATION: With the restriction to go out, the online fitness industry has gained more popularity than ever. With many of them providing free trials, you can explore some of them like Nike Training Work app, Fitness Blender on YouTube, Well&Tight 6 week Training Program, Dog Down HIIT, or Do Yoga With Me. There are a variety of options to try a new workout and there's no dearth of viable fitness apps. Also, if you are into meditation, not to mention there are free 5 minutes - 1-hour meditation audios and videos on YouTube. You can also try Free Meditation Courses on Udemy.

3) HOSTING A VIRTUAL PARTY: Certainly not an idle time to party. But, feeling gloomy or depressed during these unprecedented times is quite common, especially for those who are away from their families or are missing their friends. A virtual party can practically uplift our spirits and can help us stay connected with our friends and family. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts. There are tons of platforms to support video calls for multiple participants. So, what are you waiting for? Vamos de fiesta!

4) PODCASTS: Manage your stress and anxiety through some thoughtfully designed playlists for cooking tips, music recommendations or news updates through NPROne and SPOTIFY. Besides, I found a lot of great options from Mindfulness to Motivation on CRAPPY TO HAPPY and MINDSET ZONE.

5) DEVELOP SKILLS VIA ONLINE CHALLENGES: Challenge your friends online to try a new Yoga Pose, or do 15 Sun Salutation For 15 Days, Jump Rope Challenge, etc, there are variety of ways to keep yourself busy and involving others while learning a lot on the way. There is also a multitude of brainy games to challenge your friends or to play alone, like Chess Time, Lumosity, Wordscapes, and Scrabble, etc. 

So, when life gives you lemons, order Tequilla, can't order one, why not make your own, even better, right? just an exaggerated proverbial phrase, do not intend to promote binge drinking. Be it working from home, homeschooling your kids or checking on your loved ones, high-speed internet is the need of the hour for the world is now online more than ever and we can put that to good use than just binge-watching TV. 


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