Meditation In Digital Age - How To Meditate During Crisis


Hello! my modern-day hermits. Well, by looking at the present conditions, would it be wrong to call us that? besides, I can also see some of the men growing their beards, at least, they seem to have identified themselves with the self-isolated hermit lifestyle to some extent.

In ancient times "Rishis" (Sages or Hermits) used to isolate themselves for years to do "Tapasya" - a practice of self-isolation and meditation, to attain knowledge, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and Moksha. It ain't funny though, our quarantined lifestyle has given that vibe. Except for the fact, that the ancient hermits never had the privilege to tune into their higher consciousness by just a tap of a finger. 

When I started meditation last year, I had no clue that this practice is going to save me and my family from a lot of anxiety issues shortly. We all know that the world is going through some tough times. With the plethora of news and information being in circulation, and our lives being deeply impacted, it won't be wrong to say, that COVID -19 is taking a toll both physically and mentally upon us. 

I have always been promoting meditation through my blogs and have written a blog post, "5 Day Meditation Challenge For Beginners". The benefits of meditation have been backed by studies and researches by some of the world's most renowned institutes like the Harvard Medical School etc. Neuroscientists and Psychiatrists have been using meditation techniques to find remedies to fight depression, pain, stress, and anxiety disorders.

Indian meditation is broadly classified into three categories: VipassanaChakra, and Yoga. The purpose is to attain focused attention, which can be achieved through various meditation practices. Ever since I started, I've been leveraging technology into my meditation sessions. Hence today, I would like to take this as an opportunity to share a few interesting channels, which may help you start or improve upon your meditation practice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, with the help of these techniques, you would be able to sail through these unprecedented times.


Headspace  - Headspace is a great app to start with your meditation practice. Their vibrant comic audiovisuals make it an interesting experience for the beginners. You can keep a track of your time, progress and can choose a theme for the day. They have purposely designed meditation sessions for COVID-19 which you can try out for free. 

CALM - Calm, is yet another beautiful app and can be downloaded for free. One of the most interesting elements of this app is sleep stories, which can specifically assist in sleep meditation.

YOU-TUBE - You-Tube has made it way easier to meditate. They have a plethora of videos and channels to practice meditation. Try channels by GoodfulBob BakerHealYourLife, etc.

PODCASTS - Various podcasts serve with a variety of topics related to mindfulness, spirituality, and meditation. You can try The One mind Podcast, Freakonomics, The Daily Meditation Podcast, Audio Dharma, etc. 

If you want to dig deeper into the subject, you can try; 10% Happier with Dan Harris, Vishen Lakhani's Mindvalley, Abraham Hicks, and Bob Proctor's Podcasts.

During a crisis, it is believed, that Mindfulness Meditation (Dhyana - State of abiding calm) happens to be the most effective. Mindfulness meditation is when we are observant of our thoughts without being judgemental of ourselves. 

Meditation has kept me afloat and helped me maintain my sanity through some of the most trying times. We are blessed to be living in a digital age, where taking care of our emotional health through these tools and techniques is much easier than we could imagine. Some things are not in our control, however, quiet your mind and allow your soul to speak, because the answers you are seeking are within.


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