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Hi, I am Deepti, a Vancouver based Freelance Copywriter, Creative Content Writer, and Blogger. I have around 2+ years of experience in Writing, and I specialize in Blog writing, Creative Copywriting, and Social Media. As a Copywriter, I have experience writing scripts for local tv and radio ads, Promotional Emails, Press releases, Sales Copy, greeting card text, funny image captions, jokes, and more for my clients based in the USA and Canada. I am presently working as a paid contributor to creative copy for a variety of clients including brands, media companies, agencies, and individuals.

I can perform under strict deadlines. I am adept at meticulously researching any given topic and can create an engaging post for my clients. I have been creating SEO optimized articles and posts.

My Expertise :

1) Blog Posts: My job is to make perception a reality. I’ll research to understand your customers and their problems, delivering engaging blog posts that position you as the expert—and your product as their next logical purchase.

2) Social Media: 30% of the time your customers are online, they’re liking, retweeting, snapping, and commenting. But reaching customers on social media is nothing like running ads or sending emails. I’ll develop an engaging social media presence with a copy that connects with your customers where they already are.

3) Creative Copywriting: If you want a whip-smart copy for your next 360 campaign, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll write headlines that sizzle on a tight turnaround. Whether you want an Instagram sensation or you’re kicking it old school with a few print ads, I’ll deliver a campaign that delivers results.

4) Copywriting: Whether you need a wordsmith to overhaul your website or just a few headlines for your next ad campaign, I got you covered. I’ll work with you to understand the goals of your project and the minds of your customers. Together, we’ll make your next project a success.

I can only share my Copywriting Work Samples (Press Releases, Case Study, Website Blogs, Local radio, and TV ads) on request! some of them are under NDA, hence cannot be shared.

I am a published author on some of the most influential Self-Care, Personal Growth, and Health Care magazines like Elephant Journal, Thought Catalog, Thrive Global, SIVANA East, Selene Style, CafesnCities, and Acoustic Post. My article, "Namaste 2020- Let's Meditate" has won the "Ecosystem Winner Of The Week" Award, on Elephant Journal. I also specialize In Magazine Articles, Opinion Posts, and Essays.

I come from a Recruitment background holding a degree in Human Resource Management.I have traveled across different continents and therefore, attribute an enriched human connection, culture, and experience to my writings. When I am not writing, you can either find me Reading, doing Yoga, Meditating, or doing a Nature Walk.

You can find some of my Creative Content Writing samples on the link below.

Looking Forward to Collaborating with you soon!!!

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