Signs Of Hope (Poem)

You are the architect of your life,
So, don't regret or apologize.
Stand tall, and breathe in the titillation;
That keeps you awake all night.

As I often hear that ringing in my ears,
The number 11:11 showing on my clock;
Are there angels down here,
Or someone wants to talk.

What is it that I am missing?
This space is insanely odd and messy;
Maybe, I created this on my own,
Or it could be my real awakening.

Is it the white butterfly, that stole my attention,
Or the trees and the bushes, moving fanatically,
It's worth the wait and having patience,
For it's all about the "Divine Time"

Why is everything communicating with me?
Without saying a word,
Have trust in the process;
And let your blessings get conferred.

The universe takes a little while to align 
Everything we desire;
The only thing to ensure is,
To not extinguish that fire.

Stay tuned to your higher consciousness;
Align your thoughts to actions;
Stay happy, it is coming to you,
After that vexing abreaction.


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