3 Mindsets To Convert Your Pain Into Your Transformation


The number of transformations a person goes through in a lifespan, is the result of the number of heartbreaks they have been through. It can be related to anything; love, relationships, childhood trauma, a failed marriage, betrayal, etc. Any kind of emotional loss leads to heartbreak. It is from there how we gather ourselves up and create a brighter future for ourselves. 

Once you've lost everything, there's only a movement forward and no looking back. And, here are 3 Key Factors that may not just help you turn a situation in your favor, but can also make it your biggest comeback. 

1) Deal or Die: If I couldn't deal with it, I would have rather died. Heck Yes! it is painful, it feels like a misery, yet, you're going to make it anyway. Your power of resilience should be your best friend in this scenario. And, there goes the song by Kelly Clarkson, "What doesn't kill you makes you....? yes, "Stronger" without a doubt. 

2)Don't be an Ungrateful Chicken: We all have at least that one or a bunch of things we should be grateful for in our lives. Shedding tears is okay to come out naturally of the trauma. But, deciding to dwell in that space relentlessly is not just unfair to ourselves, but is a disrespect to what is already present in our lives. So get up and get moving.

3) Action Distraction:  If anything that can pull you out of the negative energies due to any kind of emotional loss is your WORK!! no, I am not encouraging workaholism and there's a fine line between using work as trauma therapy and being a workaholic. The former is used as a recovery tool, while the latter has little or no hope for recovery. Not just that your work helps you distract from your pain temporarily, but it would eventually pave a way towards success.

Remember, all the points mentioned above are made based upon writer's personal experience, and hence should not be taken as psychological advice. However, all this would work along with maintaining a nice balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being; like exercise, meditation, mindful eating, and getting enough sleep.  


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