Firefly Spirit..


The burning desire I may relinquish;

but, the fire inside didn't extinguish.

I buried my head under the pillow and cried;

I'm sorry baby! I am no firefly.

You mistook my love for an unknown adventure;

treading this path, we slowly wandered.

Forbidden fruit I shall never try; 

For baby, I am no firefly.

You thought I glow in the dark;

So maybe you mistook my power.

That glow doesn't come from my shy side;

No, baby, I'm no firefly.

I'm not malignant;

for I know how to love.

But, try me baby, and;

You'd know what you deserve.

A blazing fire is my soul inside;

So, baby, I'm no firefly.


  1. Once again, you caught my attention dear Author with your amazing Poem, stirring exactly the right cords of my heart. Love the kind of expressions you use to reflect your imagination. Keep spreading light and ecstasy in the lives of others like a Firefly.

    1. Thankyou so much for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.


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