No one is born perfect, and achieving perfection in this life-time is nearly impossible yet we all strive towards it. Knowing that fact, we all have weaknesses, and often those weaknesses lead us to the "Dark Night Of The Soul" moments, beautifully explained by Brianna Wiest in her Thought Catalog article. These are messy, chaotic, heart-breaking moments, yet often lead to our personal development.

Given that, we all undergo such difficult and significant transitions in life. Hence, showing compassion to others who might have been going through such transformations, doesn't entitle us to the throne of a healer. It simply means, we know, we understand and that is why we don't judge, because, we too, have been through such struggles before. 

Compassion is a deeper understanding of the fact, that even nearly perfect people might go through some imperfect times, and all we need to do, is to be a little more patient around them. Remember, this could apply to you too, as compassion should be shown towards self first before others. 

Sending Love and Peace To All My Readers.



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