Power Of Prayers - Blog Post.


Why do some people pray? What determines you are religious or an atheist? Do atheists don't believe in the power of the universe? That's a difficult question to answer, and I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's sentiments here. 

I have been a staunch believer of universal powers, and a fan of God's creation, which in turn established my belief in the source. The source, which has created us all. The supreme, God, Almighty, whatever you want to name it. "It" because I don't think it is gender-specific.

I pray every day, and yes, I follow rituals and practices, that I have learned through observation. I am a Hindu, and we are into idolatry. However, religion for me is extremely personal. Unlike many, I don't believe in propagating my religious beliefs or try to influence others through them. 

Whatever it is, the aim should be to provide you freedom instead of confining or restricting you. That's where prayer and religion come into conflict. Prayers liberate us, once we have prayed, we know that we have shared our deepest emotions, feelings, and fears with the source, and that is liberating.

Prayer is a release, release of burdens, it is healing. It is a chance to have a muted conversation with the universe. Those tears that rolled down your eyes while they were closed when you were praying, symbolized independence. With prayers, you can let it all out and will not be judged. 

Even a logical mind can pray because it is subjective. Prayers have more to do with the heart than the head. It is a sort of meditation and coming back to alignment with self, only after aligning yourself with the source. 


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