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Happiness derived from Flow.


Why Multi tasking Is A Bad News For Our Mental Wellbeing.

As greedy Millenials, we always aim to have it all. I remember during my management course when a professor humbly bragged about his ability to listen to music, while reading a book, alongside watching a movie on his television. Hah! we thought he was lying, but the more I grew up, the more I realized the potential of being a superwoman myself. Work, household chores, family, etc. my plate was full of time taking and energy-draining activities. Yes, I was one of those industrious people who would boast about their ability to do a sizeable amount of work in a limited time or sometimes all at once.  Many people would swear by their ability to do multi-tasking and how efficiently they can achieve their daily targets. To my understanding, some people are capable of doing several petty gigs simultaneously. However, I am concerned with the practice we as busy humans follow to get things done in a limited period. Besides, you would be surprised to know, that based on certain res