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Healing During The Time Of Pandemic.

Hi, Y'all! This certainly is not the time you want one more piece of article advising you what to do during the Coronavirus pandemic. Your plate is full with an overdose of information, news, jokes, and memes doing rounds on social media and some of you perhaps, are sick and tired of the same videos being circulated in all the what's app groups. 
The world population is exhausted, Governments worldwide are dumbstruck, and some of us still blaming China for giving this contagious surprise gift to the world. 
However, I would like to draw your attention to a huge list of healthcare workers, grocery store employees, pharmacists, truck drivers, janitors and many more who are working day and night to ensure our health and safety when our dear mother earth has decided to reboot.
And therefore, instead of panicking, criticizing, or spreading more negativity, let's focus on picking ourselves up and get ready to face any possible challenge or the aftermath of this pandemic. 
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