City Of Girls - Book Review

How do I always end up reading historical fictions? I don' really know, but this time around, it was by my favorite author, Elizabeth Gilbert, so I had to try it. I've been a huge fan of  her writings since the Eat, Pray, Love days, for she was introduced to me by one of my favorite actors, Julia Roberts. Had it not been for her movie, based upon the novel with the same name, I wouldn't have known Gilbert as one of the greatest authors of our times.

City of Girls, is another feather to her cap. I bought this book to reminisce and relate to some of the fun times I enjoyed with my girl gangs. But, it started sluggishly and at times appeared boring, that could be because I had set my expectations really high keeping in mind the face-paced New York lifestyle upon which this story is based. 

Hold your horses Elizabeth's fans, the story took some interesting twists and turns in the second half with the advent of Edna Parker Watson, a celebrated star from the UK into the New York City, giving the show called "City of Girls" a revamp. 

Set up at the backdrop of World War II, this story is of Vivian, which keeps taking dramatic turn of events and eventually leads Vivian to realize her full potential of being a good person, and a great friend. Setting up the reader's expectations as realistic as life itself is, and eventually leading them to believe that, "You Don't Have To Be A Good Girl To Be A Good Person." City of Girls touches it's readers heart to the core. Inspiring is all that I can say, Elizabeth casts her spell upon her readers one more time.


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